Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More Destinations Beyond Caribbean

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Cruising Life Cycle

In our previous post, Been on Caribbean Cruise What Next, we spoke about first-time cruisers who sailed to the Bahamas and Caribbean on short voyages.   We also took a look at several longer cruises of  7 night duration.   This article will discuss more alternatives, including longer voyages.

Seasonal Travel

While there are several options beyond the Caribbean, the time of year that you decide to travel may limit your choices.  For example, the Alaskan cruise season goes from May through late August / early September.   Our next destination, can only be enjoyed in the Summer and early Fall.

Canada / New England

From the picturesque towns and rocky coast of Maine to the breathtaking beauty of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, you will enjoy a picturesque cruise experience without having to travel far from home when you visit Canada / New England.  These cruises can be anywhere from 4 - 5 nights to more than a week.  VIEW ITINERARIES


Mexico is not just sunny beaches and great water sports. Mexico's Spanish colonial roots fused with her turbulent Indian ancestry have engendered a rich cultural history.  VIEW OFFERS

For those on the west coast, a short Mexican cruise may be your first time adventure.  Ports like Cabo San Lucas offer beautiful scenery and water sports.   Calling on one or more Mexican ports is often part of longer cruises in the Pacific Ocean or Panama Canal crossings.

Asia / Exotics

Asia is just as much a land of superlatives in current times: the largest continent, the tallest mountains, the longest coastline, and three-fifth's the world's population. The riches of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei still defy description... BEGIN SEARCH

When you think of Exotic destinations, what comes to mind?  For us there's nothing like the Galapagos, A Land Beyond Xpectations.

World Cruises

Of all the world's travel experiences, none can compare to a world cruise. You will discover legendary antiquities from the Acropolis in Athens to the Pyramids of Egypt. Trace the footsteps of biblical prophets in Israel from Jerusalem to Nazareth. Transit the historic Suez Canal, sail the Pacific to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. It is not only where you journey that determines your overall enjoyment, but how. A world cruise offers the ultimate travel adventure! You will see parts of the world you always dreamed about -- and all from the comfort of your luxurious cruise ship... BEGIN SEARCH

Cruising is About Choices

Hopefully we've convinced you that there's a lot more to see via cruise ship than the Caribbean.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking a cruise to The Bahamas or Caribbean, especially in the winter time when it is cold, windy, and snowy in your home town.   We'll continue with more choices in our next post.   Until then, check out the links we've provided to learn more about these destinations.  Happy Cruising !!

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