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Travelpics - Best of 2015

#Travelpics Theme - Best of 2015

Please join   with wonderful co-hosts @VibrantIreland and @GapLifeTravel each Monday for #travelpics, the travel photography chat/share on Twitter. It all happens every Monday at 3pm EST/8pm UK time.  While other chats simply talk about travel, #travelpics is all about participants sharing their own travel photos about each theme. Come join us!

This week’s theme is all about the Best of 2015! Come share your best experiences in travel, photography, and storytelling. It’s the last chat of the year, and @ishootandtravel is guest co-hosting!
Questions (with our reponses) for Monday’s “Best of 2015” #travelpics chat: 
(3:00) Intros: Where are you tweeting from for this last #travelpics chat of 2015?
Greetings from TN @AntiTourist @VibrantIreland @GapLifeTravel @ishootandtravel #travelpics
(3:05) Q1: What was the highlight of your travel experiences in 2015 and why?
@VibrantIreland @ishootandtravel A1: @AvalonWaterways #RiverCruise - amazing way see #Europe #travelpics

Additional photos can be found on our Rhine & Moselle Shutterfly page.
Click on the image to the left for more Blog posts about this trip.

Bernkastel - Wine Country

(3:10) Q2: Of all the travel photos you took in 2015, does one uniquely stand out? Share it!
@ishootandtravel A2: @AvalonWaterways provided front row view #Rhine #Moselle #Travelpics
Do you know where the following picture was taken?  You could find out from our Shutterfly Album.
 Where is Chris

(3:20) Q3: What were the major destinations you visited this year, and which was your favorite?
@ishootandtravel @VibrantIreland A3: #Rhine #Moselle #Switzerland to #Amsterdam - Fav: #Germany #travelpics  

(3:30) Q4: What’s your travel OR photography goal of 2015 that is unique? 

@VibrantIreland @ishootandtravel A4: #photos from different perspectives; iPhone pano like previous pic #Travelpics 

Mount Pilatus Caves

We spent about 30 minutes exploring the caverns taking pictures framed by the openings.  If you get chilled, you might want to bring a light jacket or sweater as it is cooler inside the passages.

Don't miss this part of the excursion.   It is also possible to climb stairways to get even a higher vantage point if you are so inclined.
Always look for different perspectives to add interest to your photo diary.

 2016 - Norway

(3:40) Q5: What trips are you now booking for 2016, and what are you hoping to photograph there?
@ishootandtravel A5: coastal #Norway #cruise February - hoping for more like this & northern lights #Travelpics 

We love Norway and are looking forward to spending some more time there in 2016.   We will be shooting from various locations along the Norway coast and from our home away from home on Hurtigruten MS Vesteralen.   The image above was taken in Tromso, Norway.
(3:50) Q6: Show off a photo from 2015 that you never expected or planned on.
@ishootandtravel A6: this postcard view #Berkastel from our @AvalonWaterways Artistry II Panoramic Suite 

Avalon Artistry II Panorama Suite offers the perfect view of the surrounding countryside right from the comfort of you bed or chair.   Just slide open the wide door to a view that is more than half the width of your cabin.

It doesn't get much better than waking to this view of Bernkastel,  Germany.

Good Morning - Strasbourg

(3:55) Bonus Q7: Share your travel photo from 2015 that will make everyone ooh and aah–it’s THAT good!

It's hard to pick a favorite or "best" from the thousands of images we took in 2015, but this is definitely one that we thought you might enjoy.

We hope that you've added some fantastic travel memories in 2015 and that you will have many more in 2016 and beyond.   If we can ever offer advice or plan your dream trips, we'd be honored to help you capture some travel pics.    Thank you to the #Travelpics hosts for another great year of travel photos.

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