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That's Alluring Entertainment

Blue Planet
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#FriFotos Theme

Friday is here again, and we'll be including some of our images in the Twitter photo chat #FriFotos.  It took us a few minutes before we knew exactly what images in our archives would best depict this theme.  Here are just a few...

Cruise Ship Entertainment

In particular, the aerial and acrobatic shows must definitely get the performers adrenaline going.  The feats that these performers accomplish are even more amazing when you think about the fact that their stage and any gear used in the act is moving / rolling with the waves of the seas.

Blue Planet - Jump
Blue Planet

One of our favorite shows was on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas.  It's a high energy show that uses all sorts of props like the suspended globe above.   Imagine being suspended high above the stage and clinging to a globe while performing several maneuvers such as the ones pictured above.

Blue PlanetAnother segment of the show has the performers bouncing among "rocks" in an elaborate prop that has a trampoline in the center.  It's not too bad when only one person jumps, but imagine several jumping from either end at the same time, again while the ship is moving.

Ice Skating at Sea

Allure - Ice Games
Also on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas, you'll find ice skating shows that will thrill you.   Just like in an Olympic event, ice skating jumps are an important part of the show. 

There are triples, doubles and quads.  There are Toe Loops, Loops, Flips, Salchows, Axels,  Lutzs and Sequence Jumps.  These maneuvers are hard enough to perform on land, without adding the additional element of ship's motion to the equation.

Allure - Ice Games
Some of the acts feature individual skaters while others have partners or even an entire cast of skaters performing their parts as if acting out a play.

We've only included a couple images here, but we have many more in our album:

Allure OTS - Ice Games 

We'll feature some more of them on Twitter and Pinterest as well.

Allure - Diving
Aqua Theater Shows

Another entertainment feature on the Allure of the Seas is the Aquatic Shows in the Aqua Theater.  The shows feature high diving and other acrobatics.

Once again, we have many more images on Twitter and in our photo album:

Allure OTS - Aqua Show

We really enjoy these high-energy shows on cruise ships.   Royal Caribbean is one of the best cruise lines when it comes to entertainment.   They even have their own production company for Broadway style shows.

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