Tuesday, July 8, 2014

5 Ingredients for Tropical Island Night

#1 - Event Announcements
 What better way to publicize a party than to put it in bright lights on the big screen?

 #2 - Location, Location, Location
The location for this Tropical Island Night was non other than Caribbean Princess cruise ship's main pool.  There is plenty of room on the outdoor decks for all to partake comfortably.

#3 - Participants
This party was hosted by our Cruise Director along with his staff.   All guests were welcome.

 #4 - Food & Entertainment
Take the first 3 ingredients, add in some food and entertainment, stir it all up and you have the makings of a fun-filled evening at sea.   

Missing Ingredient:
This should be you enjoying a gorgeous night at sea under the stars with some new friends, great food, and entertainment.

We got a tip that your beach ball is lost somewhere on the ship - contact us to arrange a trip to retrieve it.

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