Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What To Do for Summer Vacation

Let's Go On a 
Summer Cruise ....
Where?  How Long? When?
What Cruise Line / Ship?

As Summer officially arrived this past weekend, thoughts turn to vacation time with your family.  The kids are out of school, so you don't need to worry about getting back in time for classes.

You've decided a cruise would be something you'd like to do as a family.  This would be your first cruise - so where do you start.

This Week on Twitter:  #cruisechat #FriFotos #summer

Planning your summer get-a-way may seem like a daunting task, but the Twitter cruise community is coming to the rescue.   Today on Twitter, we participated in #cruisechat.  It is a weekly chat that is strictly focused on every aspect of cruising.  This week's topic was #summer.

Later this week,  Twitter event that we participate in, #FriFotos, is also featuring #summer as its theme.  If you view the tweets for these two Twitter events you might get some starting ideas for your own summer vacation.

#cruisechat Tuesday, June 24th 

To get you started with your planning, we'll share with you our responses to the questions posed in this week's Twitter chat.  This is a fun-filled hour that you don't want to miss, but if you must, there's a recap of the chat here thanks to @Travelogx.

Q1: When you think of a summer cruise, what's the first image that comes to mind? Why?
A1:  first thing that comes to mind is one of the cruise lines private beaches

Q2: What destination is atop your summer cruise bucket list? Why?
A2: #Europe tops #summer #cruise destinations All your favorite ships are repositioned

Q3: What cruise line/ship are you planning to sail for your next summer cruise? Why?
A3: Maybe @CelebrityCruise back to the #galapagos Bartolome Islands pictured here

(Image on left: Bartolome Islands)

Q4: #CruiseChat Photo Break: Share a favorite family photo from a summer (or other) cruise
A4: @SimonTravels @CruiseNorwegian #bermuda Hartley's Undersea Walk #adventure #cruise #summer

Bermuda is one of our favorite destinations.  The people there are so friendly and there is plenty of activities for everyone in the family.

See our Shutterfly share site for more pics.

Q5: Why is a cruise a better choice than other summer vacation options for your family?
A5: #summer #cruise to #Europe is educational & fun for entire family. Easier to get around & see more. #cruisechat   

(Image on left - Mykonos, Greece)

Q6: Which family members do you think enjoy a summer cruise more: the parents or the kids? Why?
Agree with this RT @SimonTravels @MSCCruisesUSA: A6. Trick question! They both enjoy it equally, but in different ways! 

Q7: Why is a summer cruise the perfect choice for a family reunion? Which of your relatives would enjoy it most?  
A7: Family reunions on a #cruise perfect for multi-generational families Time together without the planning fuss

Q8: What food or beverage item would you seek out first on your summer cruise? Why?
A8: If on @CarnivalCruise first food to seek out would be a burger from Guys #summer #cruise

(Guys Burger Joint on Carnival Cruise)

Q9: Lots of ships in the Caribbean this summer mean lower prices. What's the best deal you've gotten on a cruise?
A9: @CelebrityCruise Remember me suggesting #galapagos for #summer We used Captain's Club Elite status discount :)

We've shared our answers with you here, but this was a very active chat, so be sure to check out the recap link above or simply search on Twitter.  #cruisechat will take a break for the 4th of July, but will be back on July 8th, so be sure to check back then for more cruise info.

We hope this gave you some ideas for your summer vacation.  We'd be happy to discuss any of them in detail with you if you'd like to contact us.

Meanwhile, you can Follow us on Twitter: @ChrisPappinMCC  Pinterest: CruiseWithChris Pappin and Facebook: CruiseWithChris Pappin Cruises Inc for more ideas.

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