Friday, May 23, 2014

Remembering Those Who Served

Saluting Those That Have Served Their Country

Especially Those Who Have Given The Ultimate Sacrifice

Over the years we have been to many military cemeteries, museums, and other sites during our cruise vacations.   One of our most memorable trips was when we visited Normandy, France during a British Isles cruise.  My father had been among the troops landing at the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He lived through that day and many other horrific days during the war.  Many of his fellow soldiers weren't as fortunate.  He returned to Normandy years later and stood on this hallowed ground.   He wept for his Lieutenant and comrades as he found their graves.

Gone But Not Forgotten

It is fitting that there is a day set aside to honor the war dead.   However, I suggest that we should remember them, and those that lived through the war and have now returned to their heavenly homes, at other times, not just Memorial Day.    

The generation that fought in the two World Wars are quickly slipping away.  My father and his brother, who both fought in the war, are gone now.   They would rarely speak of that time in their lives.   When we were in Normandy, we were fortunate to have a knowledgeable private guide who took us to all the historic sights and was able to show us what it was like then and now.  Without men like that, we might not hear the stories any longer.

If you are fortunate enough to have a living relative who fought in the war,  and if they are willing to talk about it, find out more about that time in their lives.   I suspect they won't want to talk about it.  If they are still able to travel, they may want to go back to Normandy for a final visit like my father did on an anniversary of D-Day.   He went to the very beach that he had landed on so many years ago.  

Of course there are other wars, not just the world ones where we salute the men and women that gave their lives and those that didn't but had their lives changed forever.   Let's not forget them either and be sure to thank them for what they did.

The cruise lines thank the military as well.   There are discounts year-round and often specials around this time of year.  We would be honored to help you plan a trip, land or sea, to the battlefields of Europe or any other destination.

Thank You to All the Military for Your Service 

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