Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cruises Skip Sitka Due to Weather

Alaska Cruise Season Ends Early
Weather has been plaguing cruise ship schedules the past few days with the latest impact occurring this week in Sitka.   Two ships, Holland America  Westerdam and Oosterdam were scheduled to make calls in Sitka, but those calls have been cancelled.  Calls by the same ships were cancelled last week as well.
The current weather forecast calls for rainy and windy conditions for the next few days, prompting the cancellations.  These would have been the final ships to call in the port town for the 2013 Alaska Cruise season which begins in May and runs through the end of September.
In other weather, we need to keep an eye on a potential storm that might develop on the east coast of the United States in the next few days.
While this is disappointing for the passengers who had hoped to get into the Alaskan port of Sitka, cruise lines always take security of passengers, crew, and ships into consideration when making changes like this.

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