Monday, February 27, 2012

Movies Under the Stars

In The Mood 
For A Movie? 

Last night Tinsel Town was all aglow as the world's finest in the motion picture industry gathered for the 84th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony.  The ladies and gents arrived early to parade down the red carpet displaying their gowns, jewelry, and finest dinner attire.

Families across the world gathered to watch as the show unfolded.  Who would be best dressed?   Who would win the coveted Oscar Statues for leading roles or best movie?   As always, there were several well-known actors and actresses in the running as well as some new-comers.

Did you watch the Oscars?   Were you comfortable in your living room - or perhaps you were poolside somewhere in one of the oceans of the world on a cruise ship.

Are you now in the mood for a good movie?  Perhaps you want to watch one of the nominated films that you haven't seen.

Movies Under the Stars®

A cruise ship innovation when it debuted aboard Caribbean Princess in 2004, Princess' "Movies Under the Stars" outdoor theaters have become one of the line's now-signature features, adding an innovative way for passengers to enjoy the latest films, family fare, sporting events, and other special programming while relaxing at the pool.

The million-dollar screens have been added to ships across the fleet. Each state-of-the-art Times Square-style LED (Light Emitting Diode) screen is more than 300 square feet in size with a 69,000-watt sound system and has sufficient lighting power to be seen clearly at mid-day and heard clearly even while the ship is moving at full speed -- offering passengers a movie experience comparable to the best shoreside movie theater.

As with any cruise ship innovation that is well received, many other cruise lines have adopted these big-screens.   If the Oscars got you in the mood for a movie, why don't you double your fun by viewing it on a cruise ship?

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