Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blog Improvements for Hurricane Season

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Following Tropical Weather As it Develops

Those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis already know that when bad weather strikes, we are here to bring you updates.   This is a service to our readers to assist them in staying safe and also to rearrange their plans in the event a hurricane or other severe weather impacts their cruise plans.

Unlike the tornado hunters and hurricane hunters who put themselves in harms way, we "hunt" the storms from the comfort of our computer chair in our office.  Several government agencies, such as the NHC of NOAA, make this possible by providing detailed information which we then share with you.

Searches May Not Get The Info you Want

We realized that since we have been reporting on these tropical storms since 2009, it is quite possible that if you did a search on our blog (or in your favorite search engine such as  you might come across an older blog post and get discouraged.

Therefore, we have added a static tab, Hurricane Zone, which will be visible on every page in our blog.   All you need to do to find what you want is to bookmark our blog and then click on the new tab.    If you happen to search, we have also updated the past blog posts with a link to Hurricane Zone.

What's in Store on Hurricane Zone

The top portion of the page has a table of this year's Atlantic and East Pacific tropical storms to date.  The name of the storm, a link to the blog post,  and other links (such as to the storm archives) are included in this table.    Below the current storms, is a link to the hurricane section on our static Weather tab and a double combo box which allows you to very easily navigate to past storms and other useful information such as Hurricane Season Predictions, and Hurricane Preparedness.

We hope that this helps make finding tropical storm / hurricane information much easier on our blog.   We try to keep the information as current as our busy schedule allows.   Even when we don't post updates, the links will take you to NHC's latest updates.   We also have RSS feeds on our page so that you can click on those links if you want the information directly from that source.

Let us know if these changes are useful and we welcome any other ideas you might have for additional improvements.   Between this blog, our Facebook Fan Page, and our website, we want to be your one source for information about the cruise industry and anything that might impact your cruise vacation.

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