Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disney Dream Princesses

When You Wish Upon A Star
Your Dreams Come True

In this picture, Cinderella and Arielle look on as Beauty and Snow White enter the Disney Dream's atrium.   Could this really be happening or is this a dream?   You'll just have to take a cruise on Disney Dream to see for yourself.

Snow White
Little girls often want to become princesses and grow up to ride off into the sunset with their prince charming.   Even if they don't want to be princesses themselves, they would love to meet a princess.

On Disney Dream your little girl will be able to meet their favorite Disney princess and have their picture taken with them.   If they want, they can even dress up like a princess and make believe they have grown up and their dreams have come true. Watch as they faces light up with joy when they meet their favorite story-book characters.

Princesses aren't the only special guests you'll find on a Disney cruise...

For those of you who have been to Disney World or Disneyland, you may think for a minute that you are on Main Street when you walk aboard and enter the atrium.  The similarities are there.  Captain Mickey and his friends are there to meet you and welcome you to their ship.   The entire crew is there to make your stay magical.  Throughout the voyage there are special surprises including a Pirates in the Caribbean party and  fireworks.  There is truly something for everyone on a Disney cruise. 

Disney Dream, which just began sailing in January, is the latest addition to the Disney family.   Here sister ship, Disney Fantasy, is currently under construction by Meyer Werft.

We'd like to thank our agent friend, Cheri Severino Diekhaus, who shared some of her images from her sailing last month, so that we can take you onboard the Disney Dream in our blog and FB posts.   Stay tuned for more information and pictures from Disney Dream.

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