Sunday, December 26, 2010

Move It! Move It! DreamWorks Parade

Allure of the Seas - Move It! Move It!

Everyone likes a parade! Join all your DreamWorks movie friends on Allure of the Seas Royal Promenade for a parade like non other you've seen before on a ship.  Passengers line up all along the promenade for a look at the parade.   While there isn't a bad spot along the route, some spots have a slightly better vantage point, especially of the stages that are along the way.

The restaurants along the route are the first to fill up as passengers grab seats for the parade.  It is possible to move some of the stools and get a front row seat for the parade.   You'll want to line up for the parade at least 30 minutes in advance to find a good location.

The parade starts out with some overhead action, as a platform unfolds near the Cupcake Cupboard. When scouting out your viewing location, take the stages and overhead stages into consideration  so that you don't miss any of the entertainment.

The following video shows some of the action from the parade.   The costumes are very colorful and there's plenty of action to keep you interested.    More videos and photos can be found on our Facebook Fan Page.  Make sure to like us.

FB Photos & Videos:
DreamWorks Parade Finale Allure of the Seas

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