Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Azamara Journey Spa and Fitness

Astral Spa Fitness

Welcome to Astral Spa, Azamara Journey's spa and fitness center.  Following lunch we took a tour of the spa, signed up for the cruise pass for the Thermal Spring and private spa deck.   The Thermal Spring features a private spa deck with Thalassotherapy Bath.   Minerals in the warm water, combined with powerful jets massage your body will you bask in the sun.

Thalassotherapy Bath
One of the best bargains for a couple on the Journey is to sign up for the full cruise use of the spa deck which includes the Thalassotherapy Bath.   The price (at time of this post) is $20 per person for a one day pass or $99 a person for the whole cruise.   A couple can purchase the same pass for $175 which is a substantial savings over single use or individual pricing.

We signed up for the entire cruise but due to rough seas, all pools were closed the first sea day.   We'll just have to go multiple times some other day to make sure we get the full benefit of the package.

As is the case ships, this spa is run by Elemis and is a full service facility.   We are looking forward to hot stones massages on Friday.   Another bargain is to schedule your massage or other service on a port day, which is why we picked Friday.   We'll be in St. Martin for the entire day, leaving at 11 PM at night which gave us plenty of time to see the port while also taking advantage of special pricing.

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