Friday, October 16, 2009

Typhon Lupit - West Pacific


The 20th tropical storm in the West Pacific has intensified and become a Typhoon. A typhoon is a tropical storm with sustained winds in excess of 119 km/h or approximately 74 mph. If this storm were in the Atlantic, it would be called a hurricane.

As a service to my clients and blog readers we will provide updates on this storm as details become available. We have also provided links to useful websites for tracking this potentially dangerous storm.

If necessary, ship advisories will be posted in this blog post. For anyone traveling in the Western Pacific Ocean, we suggest that you closely monitor this tropical storm.

Unlike the storms in the Atlantic, tropical storms in this part of the globe are monitored by several local agencies. We'll include updates from them and provide other links to help you obtain the latest information about this storm and any impact to land or sea.

Tropical Cyclone Advisories and Warnings

UPDATE: 5:00 a.m., Wednesday, 21 October 2009... TYPHOON LUPIT has maintained its strength as it continues to move towards Northern Luzon.

(Republic of Korea)

Location of Center:(as of 4:00 a.m.) 600 kms East Northeast of Aparri, Cagayan.
Maximum sustained winds of 175 kph near centerand gustiness of up to 210 kph

Additional Tracking Links

Chart Converting Zulu Time to Local Time
Example: 301500Z = 11:00 AM EDT on the 30th

Live Cruise Ship and Ocean Liner Tracking:<Interactive tracking map> See where ships are relative to tropical storms.

Tropical storms pose a threat to land and sea. Cruise ships closely monitor the progress of storms and take the necessary actions to remain safe. Safety of passengers and crew are the number one priority for each cruise line.

This severe storm will be monitored until it is no longer a threat.

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