Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pirates in the Caribbean

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a magical time where children of all ages dress up, and for one day, enter the world of make believe. The children wander through the neighborhood and chant "Trick or Treat" with hopes of getting treats that they will enjoy for days to come.

Forget your worries for one day and enter the world of make believe enjoying some time together with your entire family. Hopefully that is exactly what you were able to do on this Halloween. Wouldn't you like for the family fun to continue? Well, that is possible ...

Yoho Yoho a Pirates Life for Me ....

Disney Cruise Line brings that Halloween spirit to life on every voyage with the Pirates in the Caribbean Party. The party begins at dinner with the wait staff dressed in their pirate outfits and continues on deck later where everyone is invited to don their finest pirate gear and come to the party for food, entertainment, and even fireworks.

Calling all prospective Pirates .... Visit my website to learn more about Disney Cruises and make plans for your entire family to enjoy a magical Disney cruise vacation this year or next.

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