Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carnival Triumph - Great Cities Theme

Carnival Triumph - Ship Decor

While on our recent Canada & New England cruise aboard Carnival Triumph, I learned that the theme for the ship is "Great Cities". In looking at the decor throughout the ship, I might have thought it was "Around the Globe" or "The World" since the globe theme appears throughout the public areas.

When you look at the names of the various public spaces, the theme does start to take shape. The two dining rooms are called London and Paris. The main show lounge is the Rome Lounge. Another entertainment venue is Club Rio Lounge. You can enjoy a drink and cigar in the Oxford Bar or perhaps curl up with your favorite book in Washington Library. Those are just a sample of the "Great Cities" represented on Carnival Triumph.

Decor of a ship contributes to the overall atmosphere during your cruise experience. Modern cruise ships are brightly decorated often, with abstract art throughout the vessel. In ages gone by, the ships were decorated with exquisite wood and often times the decor was very dark. Cruise lines spend a large portion of the new ship budget bringing their vision to life.

The next time you are onboard a ship, take a look at the decor and see if you can determine the ship's theme. Take some time, perhaps on one of the sea days, to walk around the ship and enjoy the various art that is displayed throughout the ship. This may open up an entirely new aspect to your cruise experience.

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