Monday, June 22, 2009

Bay of Fundy Coastal Photography Tour

Bay of Fundy Coastal Photography Tour
Saint John, NB, Canada

We decided to tour this area with the aide of a local photographer. Carnival offered the Bay of Fundy Coastal Photography tour. We boarded a mini-coach accompanied by our professional photographer guide, Lance Timmons, and headed out to photograph some of the iconic images of New Brunswick, including a Bay of Fundy beach, working fishing wharf, waterfalls, and more.

This excursion took us off the beaten path and along the coast of the Bay of Fundy giving us the opportunity to photograph the breathtaking scenic beauty of this area. We had done a similar tour when in St. Thomas, USVI and enjoyed it very much. That's why we selected this tour.

Our first photo stop was at the Reversing Falls. It was still high tide when we got there, so the water was flowing away from the bridge and towards the two islands across from the power plant.

As you can see from the photos above, the weather was overcast, with some light rain. That didn't put a damper on our photography tour. In fact with these conditions, photography is actually better as colors pop in the softer light. We visited the Bay of Fundy twice, first at high tide and then again at low tide just before returning to our ship. The water was flowing in opposite directions on these visits.

Another stop was at the Lepreau Falls (photo above). While the Rerversing Falls are the most widely known and popular, we enjoyed our visit to Lepreau Falls the most. We have seen many waterfalls in our years of cruising, each with their own character and personality. These falls have unique color due to the tannins in the water. This was an excellent location to try different photography techniques.

At Dipper Harbour we had the opportunity to see an active fishing village. There were boats coming in with their lobster catches which can be purchased locally. We made another photo stop at a very unique beach. This isn't your typically white sand beach. Instead, the terrain is very rocky.

Our tour ended with another stop at our original location - Reversing Falls. We were now at low tide which means the water flow had reversed from our previous visit. The best way to capture this on camera is to take a video from the same vantage point on both visits.

For more pictures from the photography tour, see our Saint John - Coastal Photography album. Also visit our Cruise Vacation site for this cruise (still a work in progress).

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