Thursday, April 9, 2009

Will Cruise Prices Rise or Fall

Will Cruise Prices Rise or Fall? Should I Book Early?

Those are very good questions. Despite the bad economy, cruise ships are still sailing near capacity. It is always a good idea to book early if you are concerned about location and type of cabin accomodations. The best cabins always go early. In addition, the cruise lines offer incentives, such as onboard credits or special pricing, for booking early.

The way pricing works in the cruise industry is as the ship fills up, the prices rise. Recall that I said the ships are sailing full, so expect to pay top dollar at the last minute for certain cabin categories, that’s only if you can even get a cabin at the last minute.

You aren’t penalized for booking early when you book with us. Should the prices fall, we can usually get your price adjusted. There are exceptions to this, such as one day only sales which might be restricted to new bookings only.

Azamara Cruises has actually formalized this with their Azamara Assurance program. If the price of your selected cruise drops, they'll honor the lower rate. Speaking about Azamara, there are currently great offers to Europe. With up to 2 for 1 savings on select Europe sailings, this is the perfect chance to reconnect with someone special in gorgeous Europe, starting at just $135* per day.

Europe is still a great destination for a cruise, this year and next. The Princess 2010 Europe sailings which I announced in an earlier post, are available for bookings as of today.


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