Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day


Today marks an annual event where we are asked to take a close look at the way we use Mother Earth's natural resources. Over the years, mankind has taken natural resources more and more for granted and the truth is, there isn't a limitless supply of resources.

Cruise ships have been educating their customers for years about ways to conserve resources while onboard. Little things, like putting your towel back on the rack and using it for one more day, can save a lot of water and the energy needed to wash the towels. Not changing sheets on the bed is another easy way to help conserve natural resources.

During the mandatory safety drills, the crew also reminds passengers not to throw anything overboard and into the sea. There are two reasons for this of course, one is to protect the sea and the creatures that call the sea their home and the other reason is to protect all of the passengers and crew onboard. If you were to throw a lit cigarette overboard for example, it could be swept out to sea or it could end back on a balcony of some cabin and start a fire.

Modern cruise ships are being built with the latest technology employed to conserve natural resources. So you can see the cruise lines are doing their part to save our planet, I suggest that he next time you are onboard a cruise ship, or at your local hotel, you read the signs posted and attempt to conserve by using your towel one more time for example. If everyone of us takes little steps like this, the remaining supply of natural resources can last for many more years, a legacy we'd want to pass along to future generations.

This is a situation where one person can make a difference. Happy "green" cruising.

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