Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tranquility Base Here

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstong began his transmission from the moon with "Tranquility Base Here". Every person that was glued to their radios or televisions waiting to hear those first words immediately had an image of peace and calm. That same image comes to my mind as I view these images of the Celebrity Solstice AguaSpa. Thus, you know why I've titled this article the way I have.

The AquaSpa colors and surroundings put you at ease as soon as you enter. The aromas from the essential oils engage another of your senses and you are now really starting to relax.

Forget about the packing, the hassles of travel, and even the problems associate with your job. Once you give in to your senses, you'll begin to really enjoy your cruise and all the AquaSpa has to offer.

If you have been on a Celebrity Cruise before, you may already be aware of the special treatment you will experience in the AquaSpa. As with most cruise lines, there is a selection of spa treatments including my favorite, the Hot Stones massage. My husband likes that also but his ultimate favorite is the four hands massage, which is usually not on the menu. If you ask, you might be able to convince them to offer it.

After your massage, visit the Persian Garden where aromatic steam, new-age music, and a tranquil setting put you completely at ease. Use of the Persian Garden is complimentary for AquaClass and Suite guests.

If you've entered the spa and don't want to leave, then perhaps the new AquaClass cabin category should be your choice. This new class of cabin shares a deck with the AquaSpa Relaxation Room. Select spa elements are incorporated into the stateroom. You'll be entitled to specialized access to spa ammenities and the Spa Concierge and features assigned seating at Blu.

The AquaSpa Solarium is an adult-only pool area complete with a private lap pool surrounded by dancing waterfalls and comfortable lounge chairs. It is the perfect complement to a day of relaxation. After a day at the Solstice AquaSpa, I believe you too will think you are indeed at Tranquility Base.

Celebrity Solstice sets sail this November, with a special charter on November 21st. Ask me how you can be among the first to experience the Solstice AquaSpa.

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